i3's 2nd Cohort Progress Update: Creating jobs, Reaching millions of Patients, and Expanding Geographically

We are excited to share the latest insights and achievements from Year 2 of the i3 program!

The innovators in the second cohort have gained significant traction over the last four months of the program and are improving access for an estimated 83m patients annually through at least 58k providers they serve.

Collectively, they have successfully secured an additional $11.3 million in funding, marking a significant milestone. On the front of job creation, 300 new jobs were created - notably 36% of these roles were filled by women, underscoring our commitment to women inclusion.

Lastly, we are excited to highlight the expansion efforts of 13 of our cohort members, both nationally and internationally. Innovators have also secured 45 partnerships, with five directly attributed to the i3 program. Here's a snapshot of our progress.

As we progress, we are finding that connecting innovators with potential customers/partners requires dynamic approaches thus prompting us to explore new strategies in our program delivery to facilitate more partnerships.

We are excited for the journey ahead and the lasting impact we will make with the innovators!

Until next quarter!

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